Thursday, 12 July 2012

Everyone's got a spare room

Everyone has a spare room and it's usually a total mess and full of crap.

My head is a spare room...IN FACT, MY LIFE IS A SPARE ROOM

I'm using this blog as my skip.

This is where I can take stuff out the spare room and dump it in the skip. 

Some people use Facebook or Twitter to do this, I personally don't like that because other people can join in, post comments, click the 'LIKE' button, Retweet it, blah, blah, blah...I like to think that I can wander into this blog every now and then, take a bit of shite out the spare room to make things look a bit tidier and dump it in the skip.

But...this spare room is never going to be clean and empty...Noooooo, I've learnt that in my 43 years...It's never gonna have clean surfaces, it's never gonna have shelves with everything in order and organised, it's never gonna have freshly vacuumed, spotless, white carpet on the floor...Nooooo, no, no...there'll always be something to trip me up or a fucking manky stain on it. 

Throughout my 43 years, I always seem to have ended up in the same situation...Which is normally...Me...sitting/standing/lying somewhere...thinking one of the following...

1) "Fuckin Hell...."
2) "Fucks sake..." 
3) "What the fuck???..."
4) "Ooooh FUCK..."
5) "How the fuck???,,,"

Most people ask themselves "Where did I go wrong?"

I know where I went wrong.
I know the "exact" moment when my life could've been so different.
This is one decision I made in my life that would actually determine who my friends would be,   who I would have a relationship with, where I would work and where I would live.

And, that exact life changing moment was in Millbank College, when a course tutor asked me "Would you like to take the Retail or Office course?"
My reply "Retail"

This one word answer would have a massive effect on my life...That one word "RETAIL" was my 'Sliding Doors' moment...The word "RETAIL" is why my life is a messed up, full of shit, Spare Room.

So, this is blog is where I'm going to take a good look at the spare room, pick some of the shit up, examine it and then dump it in the skip!

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